"A lot of times, fantasy is what gets us through to reality" - Mae Jemison

This is Mae Jemison. She became the first black woman to travel in space on September 12 in 1992. Ever since she was little, she was inspired by civil rights movement and Martin Luther King Jr. She went to Stanford University at only 16 years old, and many of her college professors would ignore her in class because of her race. Despite all of that, Jemison was stubborn enough and got through it saying “I’m going to do this and I don’t give a damn.”

My favorite part about Mae Jemison is the person who inspired her to join NASA. Lieutenant Uhura and her actor, Nichelle Nichols, were the faces that Jemison saw among space as she grew up. Uhura’s character gave hope to many young African-American girls, for most other African-American women on TV were servants. Before she went into space, Jemison called Nichelle Nichols to thank her for everything she did on Star Trek. Jemison even promised Nichelle that she would start off every shift saying “Hailing frequencies open.” Later on, Mae Jemison starred in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Mae Jemison is almost a real-life Uhara, who has boldly gone where no black women had gone before.